Friday, January 20, 2006

a mystery, as yet unexplained.

miniweenie pointed down: check
miniweenie contained in hermatically sealed and highly absorbant undergarment: check
no gaps: check
baby right side up: check

Then how on earth did he just pee on me?

It's as hot as fucking hell here, by the way, and my boy STILL wants to snuggle. Aww. Which reminds me, when it's hot out, if you ever see a mother out at the (airconditioned, for god's sake) supermarket with a baby in a sling while pushing a stoller, with all respect, shut the fuck up, okay? He's not whining because he's hot, hungry, thirsty, dehydrated or any of the things you determine him to be. If I wasn't busy with other things like, ooh shopping with a five week old, I'd explain that my son is not whimpering because I've stuffed him in a sling on such a hot day, it's because I didn't stuff him in it soon enough. Seriously, do you think I'm pushing this stroller with my other hand because I like multitasking that much?

re supermarkets: Every time we enter one, Daniel screams. Well, he kind of whimpers loudly. He doesn't scream much at all actually. I think he must have been debarked in utero.

Also, my boy is growing up but fast. Hell, he gained 430 grams in the last week alone, and has beeing gaining 200 grams each week before that. Last weigh in he was 4.61 kilos. Multiply that by 2.2 and you get a whopping 10 pounds 2 ounces.

I think.

Anyway, I think that with this information, we can confirm that my bazookas are indeed, the mammary and nutritional equivilant of nuclear warheads.

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