Thursday, April 14, 2005

white noise

Sal has been Aria's client for some time now, and a few weeks back, Aria asked me to work on him too.

So I did.

Sal used to run, but stopped when he hurt his back. He didn't run then because he couldn't, now he doesn't run because he's scared. Each twinge he feels is, for him, a reminder of more pain to come. He's scared that each twinge means he's right back where he was.

Having felt his back, and having 'felt' his pain, I wonder if what he's feeling is his fear. I wonder if his back doesn't twinge from time to time to remind him of how far he's come.

So I worked, not on, with him, and as we worked, we talked about moving away from where he's remained for so long. We agreed he'd jog twenty steps, because that's twenty steps more than he'd jogged in a long time. Any twinges he felt would help guide him away from his fear, rather than help him hold onto them. we talked about expecting setbacks, but rather than fearing them, we talked about using them to refine his next move away from fear will be.

I think we sometimes revisit old feelings to remind ourselves of where we came from, and of where we no longer need to be. I think too, that we can't divide between physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

So anyway, Sal called yesterday and he feels better than he's felt in a long, long time. He thinks I did this, but I know it was him. Sometimes, often times maybe, we need to trust in someone else, in order to heal ourselves.

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