Saturday, April 09, 2005


Remember Bachelor #4?

I got a message from an unknown cell number last night at 3am asking me if I was awake. I ignored it because c'mon, 3am? As if. I was curious though, so when another message arrived a short time ago to ask me over for coffee, I asked who it was.

On his reply, I thought it was my friend Peter, so once he qualified he was Supermarket Man, and having already agreed to coffee (doh!), I politely explained that by coincidence, I had plans today with the other Peter, and was waiting to hear from him.

Yes it's a lie, but jeebus, the man messaged me at 3am and wants me to go to his place and not some swanky cafe on the waterfront? My dickhead-o-meter was already wavering in the orange section so, uh, no.

Yes, I could have politely blown him off. What's your point?

He then got busy with the buttons and sent another text message (note to the general populace: sms conversations are as annoying as fuck, thankyou) asking me why I gave him my number. At this point, I was wondering the same thing but rather than hitting delete, Einstein over here asked him why he asked, to which he replied 'Drr-chow'.

He's totally won my Prince of Words Award for this week.

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