Tuesday, April 12, 2005

one egg, sunny side up.

This morning's progesterone level was 61, which means I ovulated last week, probably sometime shortly after my last blood test.

Me? Ovulate?


I didn't think I was capable of such daring feats, and as far as I knew:
me + ovulation = lots of eyerolling and a big As If.

It also means this morning's little fit of despair was a complete waste of energy because *drumroll* I start Synarel on the fifteeth of April, and am booked for theatre sometime around the ninth of May. The nurse who called with my results explained the whole process to me again, but I have no idea what happens in between those two dates. I was too busy being totally impressed with myself because I ovulated (I rule. Neener) to listen to anything else she had to say.

All that's left to be done between now and Friday is to obsess dramatically (and I will) about the possibilty of being five minutes pregnant because I think I had sex last week (is it bad that I can't remember if or when?). If it was recent enough for some of those little swimmers to still be treading water somewhere in my nether regions, and if my egg was a southpaw, add one, carry the nine and divide it by my shoe size....


So, how soon is too soon to do an early pregnancy test?

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