Wednesday, April 06, 2005

an update of sorts

Having called my team on Monday, I went in yesterday for blood tests. The results wil be in today, and hopefully we'll determine whether or not I've ovulated, and where in my cycle I am. If my period isn't obviously pending, I have the option of going on the Pill.

If I go that way, then the illustrious Day 21 will be in twenty one days time. Also, if there's any truth in advertising, I'll get a really nice sweater and a drugged-up smile, just like the girl in the picture.

If I don't go that way, then I wait. And wait. And wait.

Given that I've barely been able to hold my shit together over the past few days, and given how sore my norks are, and given that the world is entirely annoying the living shit out of me, my period isn't that far way, so I think I might wait. Stick around though, cuz that decision is likely to change several times before the end of the day.

Where are the cramps?! How am I expected to expect my period if I don't get my usual pre period cramps? Fucksake.

Fortunately, I also had an appointment to see my counsellor yesterday. I'd made the time a few weeeks back, not because I was frantic then, but because I was thinking responsibly, and constructing my support network. It worked too, as I'm really calm today. Go Me! for thinking ahead.

I really like Ann. She's old enough to be convincingly motherly (which I find suprisingly reassuring) and young enough to be my peer. I like that I rattled on and on and on yesterday, and she kept up with me. My favorite thing abut her is that so far, she hasn't put a big red cross on my casenotes and filed them under Too Insane To Reproduce.

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