Saturday, April 16, 2005


Yesterday was my first day on Synarel, and for that one day at least, I felt unreal!

Synarel's aim is to switch eveything off, and effectively put me into menopause for the next couple of weeks. Yesterday though, this switching off of hormones worked to my advantage. What I think happened is that I've been swimming in hormones for the last week or so, loads of the fuckers, enough so that I'm in nork hell, I'm as irritatable as fuck (justifiably so though, considering every single person driving (and I use that term loosely) is as irritating as fuck) and I have absolutely no energy. Thursday night, my legs were like lead. I had three classes to run, and by the time I finished warming up the first, I was seriously thinking aobut cancelling the rest so I could go home for cup of tea and a lie down-and I don't even drink tea.

So anyway, I think yesterday's euphoria was because I'm in the middle of the good part of the downhill slide to no hormones, and welcome to the world's most boringly pointless entry.

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