Friday, April 15, 2005

thoughts for today

I had a client yesterday who, like so many of us, feels unworthy of love.

In her opinion, she's not a good enough person to have earned the right to be loved.

As we talked, it occured to me that she's made a value judgement on herself. She's quantified her humanity and in doing so, she's quantified her right to exist.

Thing is, how can we quantify any human being's value?

We can't.

Who we are and the value we have cannot be measured in terms of more or less.

We exist, and because we do, we're worthy of love.

Love isn't earned, it simply is.

It follows then that because we exist, we are lovable. Only our personal value systems quantify our worthiness. Thing is, those systems are inherently flawed, as they're invariably a product of someone else's value system, which is also inherently flawed...and so on and so forth.

(cryptic enough for you?)

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