Wednesday, March 17, 2010

comments, etc

How much does the new coment system suck? Effing haloscan curled up and died. Before it did, I got emails saying "log in here to save yourself" or whatever, then I tried to log in here several hundred million times and couldn't, probably because haloscan sucked and THEN died.

I'd adjusted to the whole OMGallmycommentsGONE thing, then halscan transferred me to this js-kit bullshit (which rhymes, FOR A REASON) without even asking (no doubt because after the free trial whathaveyyous, I need to PAY them for the privilege of using this complicated wtfness.


Any idea how to get back to blogger commenting? I'm about to tackle my template again (AGAIN!) which is code for "stare blankly at screen, chew lip".

Later, dudes.

Edited to add: So I changed my comments back to blogger comments, and now there are no old comments here AT ALL. ANYWHERE. Which makes me sad because that's five years (!) of love thrown my way, gone. Obvs, all the "OMGNEWBABY! comments are gone too which I know I need to deal with but.....but....etc etc etc.

Lay some love on me, peeps. Let me know that duming the old to go to the new was a GOOD thing. Or! Tell me I'm a moron for ditching the past because things got too hard and log inny. Either way, I'm up for it because, comments, I has needs for.


I'm just glad to see you here. :)

I'd miss the new baby comments too. I had a private board at one time that Tiffany had posted on a lot and I didn't know MSN (bastards) were closing them all and deleting them. I didn't save it.

Did I mention they're bastards?

By Blogger Angie, at 8:25 AM  

Oh no! I did wonder what was going on there...

To summarise my comments of the last few years:
- squee! Daniel is adorable!
- sternface! Advice on life!
- gobsmacked! Vague supportiveness!
- stick-out tongue! Stupid jokes!

Hope this helps :)

By Blogger Mary, at 8:41 AM  

I have no advice, but I love you.

I use disqus, and they can import your old comments, if they still exist somewhere (I'm also on

By Blogger Miss Grace, at 9:00 AM  

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