Monday, April 27, 2009

resulty goodness

Day 21 progesterone this month came back at 65 whatchamacallits, which is (bla bla *yawn*) a very good level if you're looking to get knocked up.

Thing is, it was Negative Nurse who gave the results and even SHE went beyond "good" and into the "great" zone. With exclamation marks.

So maybe I SHOULD get excited?


Sixty five whatevers also explains the Gigantorboobs - which are quite impressive (to me, everyone else in the world is still looking at my b cups and wondering what all the fuss is about), and it also probably explains my losemyshitacular mood.

So now we wait. Until Saturday, which is a throwaway, if you've taken to keeping detailed notes on mah stuff.

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