Monday, July 14, 2008

comparisons and mysteries

On the left: me, five weeks pregnant in 2005. On the right: me, not even five weeks pregnant in 2008.


Moving along to:

Seven weeks pregnant in 2005 versus six weeks and six days which is essentially THE SAME (doh) amount of pregnant going on today in 2008.

Which, unfortunately, isn't that different from me being NOT pregnant in 2008.

Except I weigh the same now too, if not a pound or three lighter, the physics of which confuses me because it has NOTHING to do with the old Muscle Weighs More Than Fat walnut, and it's not like I gained it there and lost it elsewhere because my ass is, in fact, the same size.

Seriously, how does THAT work??

and finally, this has been edited SO MANY times because I kept randomly publishing the stupid thing which, hello, Placenta Brain V2.0

edited again. Jesus.

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