Monday, July 14, 2008

doom and gloom

I've been kind of quiet about this whole I'm Pregnant! dealio because my first beta brought back a result of 481 somethingorothers, and my second, a full seven days later, came in at only 1257.

ie and in my world, nothing to be excited about.

Oh, the unit is all "it's within acceptable ranges" and "we wanted it to double in a week, and it tripled", and granted, the internet is all "do NOT judge a pregnancy by its hCG!!", but I do. A whole, rather depressing lot. Especially as the internet also continues with "as long as it doubles every 48 to 72 hours", and the internet knows! Which is great, because mine doubled in around 111 hours.

Third beta is tomorrow at dawn.


Le Yuck.

and I just actually read the page I linked to above and why did none of the other pages I'VE obsessively scoured over the past week mention hCG production slows down by the sixth or seventh weeks??

The dates corresponding to the blood results above? The fifth and sixth weeks, and while low, fall within range.

Like the unit said.

*slaps self upside of the head*

But reading and further, I just calculated my hCG doubling time and it was 5.05 days, which is substantially more than the page's earlier "up to 3.5 days" reprieve.

Returning to depressive state now.

and man, this all sucks because I can't be excited about any of it. Only scared.

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