Monday, February 18, 2008

ten, nine, eight, etc

My bloods are done and I'll likely be starting Synarel this evening. It's a hormone suppressing nasal spray so say hello, instant menopause! which should be a blast.

My last experience with Synarel was probably not an accurate one in re its effects, seeings as how I was already pregnant with the Thomas The Tank Engine pyjama clad noisemaker sitting on the floor next to me, so I have no idea what to really expect this time. Unless of course I'm already pregnant again, in which case I know exactly what to expect, the primary symptom being rapidly increasing norkitude, followed closely by the entire world massively ramping up its inherent ability to annoy me.

Just so we're clear, a pregnancy now would be HIGHLY (so HIGHLY that if there were a bigger caps lock, I'd be using it before making it bold, italic and underlined) unlikely, especially considering I did four pregnancy tests throughout January because my uterus was making weird ass complaints and my hormones were making me complain. A lot. None of the tests were positive (which, surprise me not, fate!) but I sure wish someone had sent my bitchy AND teary (all at once, so if you piss me off, I promptly chew you a MASSIVE new asshole before crying great heaving sobs because maybe you don't like me anymore. FUN!) hormones and my gas making abilities the memo.

ANYWAY, I wasn't expecting to actually start start (as opposed to simply start) treatment until at least Wednesday, so not having planned a freak out for today vis a vis the process (pronounced with bunny ear air quotes) , I'm doing a fine job of worrying about the cost of all this instead.

Ah, it's good to be me.

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