Thursday, January 31, 2008

the silver lining? there was no gunfire

You know how when it's the middle of the night and a cat fight breaks out, it sounds like it's right in the room with you? Yeah, well the same thing happens when a real, live, ridgey didge human fight breaks out down the end of your (rather short) driveway.

I was up late last night, futzing around on the computer and feeling guilty for not updating more when this godawful racket started up in what appeared to be my front room. There was a LOT of "motherfuckering" going on, and the standard Woman In The Background doing the usual screaming. Some other guy's voice appeared briefly, but a sickening battery of *thunks* seemed to shut him up pretty quick smart. Mr Motherfucker kept at it though, long after Possibly Beaten Up Guy possibly had the shit kicked out of him.

So I turned off my lights off and called the cops.

The fight itself seemed to go on for AGES, but it was probably more like a couple of minutes, then I could hear them in the distance, Mr Motherfucker and Screaming Woman, possibly leaving Mr Possibly Beaten Up Guy possibly lying bleeding in my driveway.

and that was the last of it untill a couple of hours later when I had even more shit scared out of me when two heavy sets of footsteps stomped up my driveway. IN the midst of seeing my life flash before my eyes was the announcement that it was the police (thank FUCK!), could they ask me a few questions? As it turns out, there WAS a fight and someone DID get hurt. THat's why it took them so long to get back to me. Also, it WAS right outside on the street. They needed some details of what I heard, when it started, what did I hear, you know, all the usual Cop Show shitola, and while it wasn't an official statement, I may have to give one in the future.

It's broad daylight now too, and the vague noise I just heard outside made me nearly shit myself again, so it's probably safe to say that the whole incident has kind of impressed upon me.

Man, what a night.

And what a neighbourhood.

Did I ever mention last year's siege involving a standoff, some guy off his meds, his crossbow, smoke, flames and ultimately a death that occured around two hundred meters from here? Because that was pretty freaky too.

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