Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reliable sources state that Daniel is, out of all the children filtering through workplace's creche facilities, the most Thomas The Tank Engine addicted, in that he goes from being pried from my person to happily sitting in a chair directly in front of the television and, if he has his way, about four inches from the screen, pointing at, naming, and counting off all the tank engines one by one about 0.4 seconds after the Thomas dvd is loaded in the player. In this mode, he has absolutely NO awareness that the outside world exists. It's kind of creepy.

Toilet training seemed to be going well, until I realised that Daniel was only peeing in the potty when a Thomas The Tank Engine extravaganza was syphoning his brain out via his ears. That being the case, Daniel wasn't choosing to pee in the appropriate vessel, he was just mindlessly letting the floodgates open while he happened to be perched on the appropriate vessel. If I was to hazard a guess as to why he had no problem wiht his butt being jammed in his potty for hours on end, I'd say it was because his once complex and highly functioning brain was being replaced by a more basic reptilian one,and as such, his butt had simply ceased to exist as a part of him. Instead, it was merely an object that allowed him to stay upright while participating in the ThomasFest necessary for his survival.

So I nixed the damn tank engine and Daniel stopped peeing in the potty.

We've moved on from the No Pants deal and are onto the Big Boy Pants ("big bah pahs!). He's only had one accident so far, so he's doing really well, especially since I'm not doing the intensive, every half an hour remindy/sitty stuff. Maybe if I pushed it, he'd be trained by now, but I'm too lazy to do that. The story I tell though, is that I don't want to pressure him because seriously, who wants to admit to The Lazy?

Daniel was given some Thomas the Tank Engine pyjamas and big bah pahs(!) yesterday, so spent the evening dressing himself. Of course, he literally ended up putting the shorts on upside down, and wore then underneath the big bah pahs(!) that were also upside down and back to front. Very elegant, especially with the underpants he was jauntily sporting on his head.

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