Wednesday, May 30, 2007

drought pout

We're in the middle of some mightily wintry weather here, which I'm not sure what the temperatures get down to in your neck of the world, but when we say wintry, brr, here, we mean "I really should wear thicker socks and think about investing in a woolly jumper". We, as a city, suck at keeping warm in winter so we bitch about it until the sun warms our not quite blue toes again. Though to be honest, I stopped bitching about it quite so loudly, firstly when I spent my fist Autumn (Fall!) in Italy. I didn't even make it to Winter, and secondly, ever since I got knocked up my internal thermostat has been set on 'overheat' - and if anyone nods knowingly or even thinks the word 'menopause', I'll find where you live and lob a can of soy beans through your window. Anyway, the point being is that I no longer bitch. As loudly, at least. Also, the ten year drought we're been in (driest state, driest continent, and out stupid state government has only JUST last year put in water restrictions. we went from years of being in Code "Be Careful With It Folks" to being suddenly introduced to Code "Let All The Parks And Gardens Die and Stink It Up Good, You Water Wasting Fuckers Because Y'all Ain't Showering Again, Ever! (evil laugh, evil laugh)" last November. And then the federal government got all involved and now they're all huddled in a corner making Big Ass Decisions ( "one potatah, two potatah...") while the Murray-Darling slows to a trickle. Some of the obvious (fucking) solutions are desalination plants or reclaiming our waste water to supplement our water supply. The common man, however, is all "I am NOT drinking my own pee!". I look at that man as he rests his beer on his corpulent belly while he stuffs a burger and fries into his pie hole, and think "Well, you don't seem to have a problem with the SHIT you're eating....".

For the record, I celebrate the notion of reclaimed water (word has it, it aces all the double blind taste tests anyway), and I don't get why the political bog knobs don't talk more about desalination plants. We're a land girt by sea, forcrisake. Girt. By sea. A never ending supply of it! Especially since the ice bergs are all conveniently melting!

In a related side bar: Before Sperm Boy totally aced his Piss Me Off exam and commenced Operation Stay The Fuck Away From Me, we were chit chatting about this and that and at some point, the subject of water water restrictions came up. I merrily opined away (I think of me as conversational white noise. I blow a lot of air but I don't really say much and given the chance, I'll probably lull you to sleep) and wondered out loud something like "I don't know why we don't get on the desalination bandwagon because, with the ol' girt by sea dealio, it just stands out like dog's balls as the obvious solution.". Ol'Spermy thought about it for a bit before replying "but if we keep drinking the seawater, it'll eventually run out too.".

He's got a big, giant head but seriously, why?

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