Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Did you hear the one about the duck who waddled into the store to buy some new flippers? (what? his old ones were worn out)

the sales clerk asked him "will you be paying cash or using your credit card?"

and the duck replied "nah, just put it on it my bill......"

*boom boom*

Next on this morning's telecast:

Your Name.

Is it hot or not?

I dunno how you went but apparently I'm as sexy as a pair of old socks...... ::rolling eyes::

So anyway, I'm driving home this morning when something occured to me. If you're riding a pushbike in peak hour along a main road with no bike lane, it's more sensible to put your tennis racket in your knapsack so that the handle is facing the kerb, and not directly into the traffic.

Seriously, I'm so hiding my laurel under a bushel (whatever). I should be making a career out of writing Public Service Announcements. Or be employed by the FBI, but that's another story entirely....

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