Thursday, January 27, 2005


I forgot to mention the rest of the twilight zone moments surrounding my leg, didn't I?

Well, when I saw my doctor, the films taken last Friday at the hospital were meant to be sent to him, but he never received them because they got lost in transit somewhere between the lab and his rooms, which is...wait for it....the exact same thing that happened thirty years ago! Consequently I've decided to revisit my scientific theory that this is some kind of lesson from some weird arsed higher power (which I'm not too sure I believe in, but anyway) about Processing the Emotions Attached To My Shitty Parents because...wait for it....the films got lost then too, exactly thirty years ago!!)

(I said that already, but it bears repeating and with additional punctuation)

So anyway, I'm still limping.


My doctor suspects I may yet have a stress fracture (spiral, upper fib, which makes sense cuz I think I did this changing direction while running shuttles) that the x-ray didn't reveal, so more radiation in two weeks thankyou very much, as the healing fracture may show up where the new fracture don't. His alternative theory is that I've bruised my peroneal nerve. I blinked when he said that too, but no silly, not my perineum (sheesh) my peroneal nerve, what dun do supply my peroneal muscles what done go down the front of my leg.  He also (and this floored me) gives credit to my theory that this could be not getting better because of thirty years ago. Yeah, I know. I'll be dipped in shit too.

I also forgot to mention the jokes he told me too, which I won't repeat, ever, because they were all pretty darned politically incorrect.


That man cracks me up.

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