Wednesday, January 19, 2005

decisions, decisions.

This right choices thing? I don't think we ever go out of our way to fuck ourselves over.

We make choices that are right for the time and for the knowledge we had at the time.

Oh maybe something didn't end up as we thought it should, or we can see a different choice could have led us to a more desirable outcome, but we can only ever see that with the benefit of hindsight. Every choice we make leads to greater knowledge-and how can something that teaches us be 'wrong'? And it's only with the greater knowledge afforded to us by this so-called 'wrong choice' that we can look back and say it was a wrong choice. (huh?)

So the choices we've made in the past are rarely errors of judgement. They were considered decicions based on what we knew then. It's only after we experience the consequences of our choices do we learn enough to think there could have been a 'better' way-but we think that with the knowledge gained from that experience and those consequences.

In a nutshell? Hindsight is a bitch.

And the concept of not fucking ourselves over deliberately? We don't.

There's the choices we make, the decisions we mull over that appear to be the 'wrong' choice because they DID fuck us over. Maybe we're habituated to things being 'wrong' or 'difficult' or 'not going our way' so we CREATE that reality by making decisions that will ensure we're fucked over. We manufacture opportunities to get the result we want.

So again, wrong choice? Nope. right choice to for the desired result.

No matter what, we ARE in charge of our own destiny, whatever the outcome, be it high flying business magnates or kicked into the kerb and homeless. We're not victims of our environment even if circumstance seems to be perinally kicking us in the arse. We create our reality, and if in our reality we're ineffective and a failure and waah waah waah, then our reality will be that.

The irony is that it takes as much personal power to create that reality, and in creating that reality, we're NOT ineffective at all because we've created it.

Oh, circular arguments, how I do love thee-and wouldn't the martyrs of the world be pissed off to realise how much power they actually have.

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