Sunday, November 13, 2011

zygomaticus minor

So in her assortment of unusual gifts, Swistle included The Anatomy Coloring Book.


I had The Anatomy Coloring Book around about a million years ago when I was studying anatomy toward my degree in irradiating people for diagnostic reasons at university. Our entire class had one and everyone LOVED it (good fun, effective learning tool, massive "wow it's like being a kid again" factor etc etc etc) except me because I hated coloring in when I was a kid (I know, okay. Weird.) and I hated it more when I was marginally older. I mean, my god, ALL THOSE LINES. Every time I went outside one my brain imploded with a sickening sense of failure and doom, which was pretty heavy shit for a five year old, so when I was older and given the opportunity to revisit the garment wrenchign angst of my childhood, I whored my copy out to the kid next door and she loved it for me and did all my stupidass coloring in homework for me and (surprise!) I never graduated from that course.


I love this story.

I used to like coloring, and still do, but I think about 99% of coloring pages aren't made by people who know what coloring involves. There tend to be all these HUGE areas that all have to be the same color, or areas that seem like they have to be a certain color (grass, sky, etc.), and not many interesting small-area places where a color choice matters (hat, flowers, shirt, etc.).

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