Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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I straightened my hair. WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN DOING THIS FOR, LIKE, EVAH?


I went outside last night and saw this really bright light ZOOM through the sky. Maybe it WAS a shooting star and NOT an Alien Spaceship, but it fucking WASN'T because there was this OTHER light in the sky that was flashingflashingflashing and it WASN'T a plane because plane lights go "flash.....flash...flash.." and THIS light was going NUTS, and it was SO FAR AWAY it HAD to be halfway to MARS, so it was the Alien Spaceship's scout. NO SHIT.


I keep waking up at dawn (this morning, 5.24! Awesome!) to worry about shit. It's really kind of sucky.


I've been sick for three weeks now, and that's really kind of sucky too.

I'm not sick sick anymore, but am so godawful tired I can hardly move but I have a three (almost four!) year old so have spent the better part of the last three weeks not resting up and getting over it so here we are.

My superawesome personal training client called on Sunday to confirm our session on Monday and said "You sound AWFUL. Now I'm not your mother but here goes: I'm cancelling, and you need to NOT do anything AT ALL for at least two days. Put Daniel in childcare, book him in for AT LEAST another day this week, then go home and watch TV. Call me Tuesday night so I know how you are because I worry." which is the kind of thing I say to others but never hear back so it was SO GOOD TO HEAR.

I've had other people say "You'll be fine! Come out anyway!" when really I'm not, which is nice too because it's nice to be wanted, but to have someone LOOK AFTER ME about killed me. So I took her advice and did NOTHING yesterday and I DO feel better today. Except now I've got to fight this Feeling So Much Better! thing and actually NOT do anything for at least another day.


Actually, I DID do ONE thing yesterday, and now the two week wait begins.

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