Sunday, August 02, 2009

ducks&bread&ducks&bread, etc

Daniel is THERE because we're going to feed the ducks. The DUCKS, y'all, the DUCKS.

Then we got to the pond
(or as the council would have us believe, the "billabong", to which I say "Ha ha. Good one.")
and there were ducks.

Over There.

"DUCK!" Daniel said, and they did.

and Daniel was all "I meant the NOUN, homies, not the VERB."

And the ducks were all "Check out the BACK OF ME".

"Dudes. BREAD!", said Daniel, and the ducks said "The BACK! Of ME!".

Meanwhile, I was daydreaming: "...L'Orange, Crispy Skin, Peking...".

and then ducks kept at it, all "We're WALKIN' AWAY", and Daniel was all "You're WADDLING.", and I was all "And you're FOOD.".

They wouldn't even SWIM.

Memo to the ducks: what the fuck, duck?

So we're heading out to feed the ducks again this morning. We're hoping the little fuckers haven't eaten in a week and will be a little more appreciative of our bread tossing skills today.


That's about it really. Ducks. And bread. A pictorial essay. I don't know how I keep up with it all.

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