Thursday, May 08, 2008

B12 makes me chatty

I saw my naturopath today and woohoo, I'm super healthy, which is good news - though it would be nice to have something to FIX that might explain my bone and mind numbing fatigue. That sounds lame, but I guess you know what I mean. I don't want to be NOT well, but in being SO well, my fatigue is nothing I can treat. Except with speed. And don't think I haven't thought about it.

The dude does live blood analysis and for bonus points, is really nice. He has a son who is five months older than Daniel, and he and his partner have just had another boy, Ivan, born four weeks ago. Last year they gave Daniel HEAPS of stuff that Henry had grown out of by the time he was eighteen months old, and I shit you not, Daniel has only JUST grown out of most of it now, and STILL doesn't fit into the hand-me-down shoes. Henry, it's worth pointing out, looked like a four year old when he was not even two. And Daniel has small feet anyway.


I scored me a B12 shot today too, and for the first time EVAH, I can actually feel it. I kind of feel like Superman meeting something kind of anti-kryptonitey. Usually I get a B12 shot and wonder what all the damn fuss is about becaue everyone else apres a shot is running around all "Weeee!", whereas I'm still dragging my ass and feeling ripped off. Right now though? Clear headed and wondering where that fatigue I just spent a paragraph whining about it.

So maybe this time round my urge to lie down and rest mah weary bones 24/7 IS all about a vitamin deficiency?

Next riveting topic? My ex. Who(m?) I saw today for lunch. It's actually always nice to see Strep in this context, so it's a pity he's been such a toe rag in the past because - and I think we've had this conversation before - I have to REMIND myself that dude really can't be trusted because when the chips are down, he's a dickhead. I'd rather accept him at face value and not have to worry about what might still be lurking underneath because, saint that I am, I always assume that underneath the exterior is more of the same. Then something happens and *BAM* he's been hit with the idiot stick AGAIN and I'm all wondering how ON EARTH I forgot about his inner dipshit.

I'd intended to go straight from the city (which sidebar, OH MY GOD: I parked my car in some OVERPRICED parking lot on Something Road or street or whatever the fuck it is [which, additoal sidebar and interesting aibee factoid: I've lived in MyTown my entire life and still have NO idea what any of the major arterial and inner city roads are called. Someone will say "it's on Significant Street Name" and I, as I always do because I don't really like coming across as a complete moron, pretend to know where in hell they're talking about) because, like a total tool, when I paid my bill I gave my naturopath ALL MY CHANGE despite KNOWING IN ADVANCE that I was going into the city and needed it for the meters. BUT THAT'S NOT THE STORY. The story is that I parked my car in this carpark, then merrily toddled off for a peppermint tea [because after AN ENTIRE YEAR of fending off all the congratulatory virtual high fives, I've finally worked out that Milk + My Tummy = FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT] with Strep, then came back to retrieve said vehicle an hour or so later, then couldn't find my ticket so I could pay to get out. Thinking I must have left it in the car, I went upstairs to find my car and what found instead that I'd forgotten where it was. So I had to wander aimlessly until I found the fucking thing and once found, I found the ticket in my bag anyway. OF COURSE. So then I went back downstairs to pay the damn thing [TEN FREAKIN' DOLLARS, ARE THEY HIGH?] then went back up the stairs to find that I'd lost my car AGAIN)(bonus question: I really should keep these "I am so stupid" stories to myself, huh?) to pick up Daniel, except ducked in at home on the way and found the MOUNTAIN I'd forgotten about in the middle of the floor that had come out of the drier that morning, and the mountain of stuff I'd draped around the joint to dry off a little before putting them IN the drier, then I went to peg some towels up outside and found even MORE shit that needed to be brought inside. Also, the sand, the tons and tones of sand that came out of Daniel's shoes last night. Fucking sandpits. Christ, the kid isn't even three feet tall and yet the amount of filth he creates would rival that of a rugby team playing on a rainy day. So I've swept, unpegged, pegged, folded, and placed in the dryer SO MUCH stuff, then I turned on my mac and lo! Shiny! Also, thoughts that the internet would LOVE to hear about this shit, which brings us to the current minute.

Which has been deemed to be Internet Interaction Time: How's your day going? Is it sunshine and fluffy bunnies or thunder and lightening? Do tell, because you might be a quiet bunch of shitheads, but I know you're out there.

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