Wednesday, April 23, 2008

quick and fascinating

quick update as I'm a) so interesting that you NEED to hear this and b) SO late ie am supposed to be there in ten minutes BUT ANYWAY

  • I got ANOTHER broken bracket on my high maintenance tooth bling, and am taking Daniel in to the city on the TRAM today to get it fixed. I think we'll both lose out minds with thus one, him because holy fuck, a TRAM (him), and jesus, how many times are these things going to break?! (me)
  • I'm teaching the veterans beforehand after canceling on them again today (what is my problem? I have NOT wanted to work AT ALL this week, good thing the vets work isn't paid work, eh?) but after a fit of guilt, have got us both dressed and packed for 1) the day trip and 2) Daniel's later trip to day care and 3) (which should be 1) ) a morning session at the pool
  • except, where are my pants?

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