Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We had a great day on Sunday when we met with a friend at one of those indoor play cafes where, for the princely sum of seven bucks, your child gets to go nuts while you stare slack jawed at the exorbitant cost of the adult entertainment (ie food) listed on the menu board.

Certainly I can think of better places to sip on an overpriced cappuccino, but in terms of entertainment value for short people? We're talking total SCORE! baby, because it was so great to see Daniel tool around and have fun. He spent about 0.5 seconds in the purpose built and less frenetic toddler zone before zooming off in search of something more horrifying (for me) and exciting (for him).

The older kids' area had a ball pit, just like the toddlers' did, but unlike the one populated with shortasses, this one was infested with would-be ninjas, all with the ability to simultaneously mosh and pick up a ball and hurl it HARD, and usually at someone's head. It was scary from an observer's (mine) perspective, but as I never want to be one of those mothers who hover over there kids calling out things like "Don't climb that, you'll fall off!!" because Hello! Self fulfilling prophecy, I shut the fuck up and watched from the sidelines as Daniel took to the chaos like a duck to the proverbial water.

He actually and really did get some sleep when we got home too, which raised the SCORE value of the place substantially.

Yesterday though, we...did nothing all day. Oh, I ditched my morning class and we to the gym instead, but it was like, 25 minutes before the creche closed. Daniel got to run around like a fool with some other kids for a while though, which is why I bothered going there at all.

Then later we went for a walk, mostly to get to the pharmacy to get some more of those saline sachets because jesus, my hayfever is KILLING me. At least, I hope it's hayfever and not a damn cold because that would totally put a harsh on my pre op buzz. I planned on salting the bejesus out of my antsy sinuses last night but ended up forgetting all about it. Man, my life, eh? Full of fun times and exciting new experiences.

I wouldn't change it for the world though. We were out this morning too (I ditched another class this morning to spend it with Daniel instead) and for a time was just watching the back of Daniel's head bob along as he sat in the stroller and took in the sights. He had (one of) his (several) puppy dog(s, all of who are named "puppy dog") stashed in the crook of his arm and a Thomas the Tank Engine held firmly in his hand, and I took it all in, this picture of utter contentment set out in front of me and forever in my world, and practically breathed the thought that, man, I'm SO lucky to have this little guy.

It was one of those moments when you take stock and re-realise the magnitude of your good fortune. And then the magnitude becomes so overwhelming that you must start thinking about mundane things before your brain explodes.

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