Sunday, January 06, 2008

news you probably didn't need to hear

This is aibee, coming to you live from the Bee household where, moments ago, Daniel did his first pee in the potty.

He's been running around sans pants all morning and when he limped up to me, all caving in at the knees and grabbing at his block and tackle, asking for "Dress? Dress?!" - which is code for "mummy, are you able to encase my nether regions with an absorbant undergarment? I need to pee" - I took him by the hand and led him to the potty instead. It's the same routine we've been following for a week now and usually he sits there for a while and forgets he was about to burst.

Which is okay as this is meant to be fun, and while I say we're toilet training, all we're really doing is running around with no pants on (uh,him, not me) and looking at the potty from time to time. He's happy to sit on it for ages though, and anything more he does is a) unexpected and b) a bonus.

Point being, he usually sits down and enjoys the scenery, and I praise him and he is praised, and consequently thinks that this whole Big Boy thing is a) a cakewalk and b) unreal, banana peel.

This time though, he let loose a drop or two while sitting on the appropriate receptacle.

"Dude!", I yelped, "you did weewee!", and I gave him a high five and then we both cheered and hooted, and when we were done I sat with him for a bit longer waiting for the rest of the deluge to follow.

Which it didn't.

So I stuck Thomas The Tank Engine onto the dvd player and left Daniel sitting on the potty and staring slack jawed at the tv while I wandered off to clean the bathroom or some other amazingly interesting chore. A short time later, I wandered back in to find Daniel standing by the television, burning out his retinas and numbing his brain, and about a gallon of pee in the potty.


Then we cheered and we hooted some more, and when I asked him if he wanted to put it in the toilet, he picked up the potty and precariously (OH MY GOD) carried it all the way to the bathroom before tipping its contents in the john, placing the potty on the floor, flushing the toilet and then froofree-ing* his hands.

Weeee! Obviously.

* I have no idea how toddler ears work, suffice to say that when I say "wash", Daniel hears "froofree(!!)".

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