Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm sorry for disappearing in a puff of smoke, tiff.

Everything is fine, except my old mac exploded (literally, and also in a puff of smoke)(and flames, eek) a couple of weeks ago, leaving me stranded and internetless. Thank GOD my data wasn't destroyed as I haven't backed up any photos since May this year. For I am that amount of responsible. ANYWAY, it's taken me until now to get a new second hand mini mac organised, home, and up and running. The it freaked its shit out THE VERY MORNING I NEEDED IT, AAARGH after I updated iTunes, which I did because I it fucking told me I had to. What the fuck? Point being, I had to fix that too which took more swear words than actuall time but the emotional cost of the whole OMFGINEEDMUSIClikeNOW freakout kind of ate into my actual minutes of time.

I did pop by here to check out the scenery but as there was none, I nicked off pretty quick smart as following all the MacBullshit, I had to throw a HUGE party in between swearing and cursing and throwing things because good god, people, parties need music, and music needs iTunes. Parties also need fairy bread and chocolate crackles, so I did one the other and then ots of other stuff too, in no particular order, and then we partied and then I cleaned and hello, I'm back!

And now I've got to go to work.

Love! etc

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