Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm finally sitting down after working one class earlier this morning - aqua, so it was a real bludge, then I put my ass in a step class afterwards which, OH MY GOD.

First OHMYGOD = how frikkin' uncoordinated I am. It's embarrassing, especially so considering I teach, not aerobics, granted, but circuit, which requires an aerobics component to at least provide an adequate warm up.

Second OHMYGOD = my butt cheeks. Holy shitski, I had no idea my rearendicular region contained so many nerve endings. Ouch. I mean, seriously, I squat, I do dead lifts, I do all manner of things that work require my ass to earn its keep, because a strong butt equals a strong back. Most people don't realise that. They go through life thinking a strong butt equals only the undivided adoration and devotion of any ass man within twenty paces, but strong glutes are so much more valuable than just being aesthetically pleasing.

Point being

My asscheeks HURT.

I'm working for my sister in law tomorrow, which is an interesting segue. I'll be doing some filing or cataloging or some such, which I don't mind as I'm quite good at settling down to doing mindless stuff. Although, I don't imagine cataloging my brothers HUGE uncatalogued collection of photos will be that mindless. One mindless moment and oops, there goes this under that label, never to be found again.

I'm more nervous about being under the watchful eye of my new employer, my sister in law. Scary.

Speaking or work, I've not heard back from that employment agency so I don't know what the heck. I'm not too fussed about it because, did I mention my asscheeks hurt? I know that's got nothing to do with employment, or lack thereof, but it still bears repeating. Ouch.

Oh yeah, after working and working out, I came home and vacuumed the living crap out of my car. Or, at least eighteen months worth of living and oh my heck, it was pretty awful. My guess is my fuel economy will increase by at least 35%, what with all the CRAP I'll no longer be toting around. I've also somehow mashed the knuckles of my fingers on my right hand, mister pointer and mister middle fingers and they hurt now too. Not as much as my butt aches, but they're all cracked and I'm bleeding and all. POOR ME. I reckon I've got some kind of dermatitis to, which is why these knuckles cracked under the pressure of cleaning a huge sand pit's worth of dirt out of my car. All my knuckles are kind of dry, and then there's that attractive ring of red skin under where my ring went before it turned into oozing flesh, and isn't this a delicious conversation. Just be thankful I've not included photos. DON'T THINK I DIDN'T THINK (what?) ABOUT IT.

Then I vacuumed the house without the little short guy running around behind me vacillating between feigned (I hope) terror and tugging on my leg and demanding to be picked up. Gone are the days when I in actually fact vacuumed the place with him on my left hip, mostly because I started developing a hump. He's a little too heavy to be lugged around while I lug around the stupid vacuum cleaner -do they all feel like you're dragging a corpse around or is it just me? My vacuum wasn't cheap. Oh, it wasn't like a million dollar Dyson or whatever (which, LOVE), but it wasn't one of those eighty jobs from the corner store. Also, am a sucker for a good sales pitch. BUT ANYWAY at almost four hundred smackers, I expect the darn thing to levitate. Instead, it feels like it's pulling back when I drag it along the floor, like it's playing tug o' war with me. Fucking thing. It's got an almighty suck though, and will remove your nail polish in the event you run out of the appropriate cleaner. So obviously, corpse-like tendencies aside, it does multitask so is obviously worth its weight in dustbunnies.

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