Saturday, September 30, 2006

God, I am such an idiot.

As a rule, I hate my hair, but now I hate it even more.

Hate. Honestly. With a vengeance.

I wandered into one of your standard Take A Ticket and Wait Your Turn budget hairdressers last week, thinking maybe a trim? Except now my hair sits at just above my shoulders, which is neither long or short, which annoys me. Then today, amid all the hating and the being annoyed, I remembered that before Wednesday, I was, in fact, in the process of growing it longer. Which wouldn't be as annoying if this new cut didn't make it look even more like ass than it usually does. Which it does. Look like ass. God, I look like ass. I mean, I usually do but now I really, really do. And *drumroll please* I had some stupid wispy bangs cut and god, shoot me, shoot me now.

I'm not finished either. On that same day, I had my eyebrows 'shaped', which is apparently code for 'surgically removed'.



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