Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a funny thing happened on the way home from the store

I've only just finished giving my statement to the police after Daniel and I were involved in a probably unarmed but according to the, uh, bandits? armed hold up earlier this evening.

I suppose I should be in shock or worrying about what could have been but I'm totally amused by the whole thing. Maybe if I'd seen a gun or a knife, or maybe if I didn't live my lie so much in denial. Regardless, I just think it was really neat that we were there and I really hope that the police photographers give us copies because they'll make a really cool addition to the My First Year book I haven't been keeping for Daniel.

Goodness me though, the police arrived in within five minutes, while Store Guy was still on the phone from making the call actually. Then there were cops everwhere when uniforms began streaming into the store, followed closely by detectives wearing coats and talking into two way radios. Even the dog squad was brought in to pick up the trail. This is apparently what they do, saturate the area to find the perps (my term, not theirs. See: too many nights watching Law and Order") because they have to leave the backstreets at some point and when they do, *bam*. At least, thats how it goes in an ideal world.

It really was totally like being on any one of the cop shows on TV today. The head honcho bandit had even done the gangsta overhand 'yo' thing when taking the money from Store Guy. Because he was so cool, I expect. Bandit #2 barely involved himself by muttering something unoriginal and totally not scary like "and you better fuckin' hurry", but it was said so softly that no one but me was close enough to hear him. I was pretty close to the whole thing, about three or four feet I reckon, with Daniel in my arms so we both got front f=row tickets to the show. I found it amusing that #2's contribution to the whole event was largely redundant as by the time he uttered his immrtal words, #1 was already in possession of the bountiful wads of cahs.

The cops let me leave before taking my statement because I'm a special, and came by my house later instead. I don't know if I made it up as I went along, or if I actually did give a 'really good' statement but, whatever. When Daniel's old enough to be impressed, and when I recount the story to him then, you can be sure it will be the latter, adn you can also be sure that there will be certain passages about semi automatic weapons (theirs) and heroic acts saving us all (mine).

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