Tuesday, August 22, 2006

fun with food

Daniel is moving onto finger foods, or rather, I'm handing him cooked 'til they're mooshy enough to not choke him should he inhale at an inappropriate moment tidbits (and as an aside, the gag reflex babies have? Is scary. How does one determine which is a gag and which is a prelude to turning blue and keeling over?) because, had I read any of the books, they'd be saying that at eight months, dude is ready to start exploring food with his hands.

What happens is, he grabs onto the mooshy tidbit and squishes it in his chubby little hand, and then punches himself in the face. He's not yet worked out that he needs to release his vise like grip to facilitate the transfer, so when nothing goes in, he looks at his hand, which is still hanging on to the sodden mess much like a bull terrier hangs on to a postman's leg, tilts it this way and that way as he tries to work out what the fuck is going on, then smacks himself in the mouth again with his balled up fist.

Lather, rinse repeat.

Seriously people, if you're sitting at home wondering whether or not to have a baby, go ahead and have one, if only for the entertainment value.

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