Thursday, June 15, 2006

christ on a cracker

Lookit the damn time. It's 4.30 in the morning and this is not the first time, nor is it the second third or fourth time for that matter, that the freeloader has woken me up with a whole boatload of fussing. I went to bed at 1.30. I've been up since 4. The same thing happened last night, and the night before, and it's been happening on and off since the torment of the non existent nap. Fuck me a fucking duck.


I don't fucking get it.

Also, my guess is that there's gonna be a lot of the f bomb in this entry because fuck man, this is a fucking joke.

There's nothing wrong with him when he wakes up. He's doesn't cry or anything, rather he starts to kick and wriggle and generally have himself a merry old time, so I've been changing his underpants, wrapping him up and tossing him back into his own bed, and because that isn't enough to curb his nocturnal urge to play, I've also had to drag him out of my room and into what will one day be his, kicking aside the pile of crap that is lying around in there to make room for him in order to do so. Usually he shuts the fuck right back up, and we both go back to sleep.

Of course, I hate that he's not with me, but figure he's flexing his need for some space.

Tonight though, or should I say, this very fucking early morning, he's taking his sweet time about this getting back to sleep gig. apparently he's a little pissy that I ruined his party and now he's grizzling. I'm pretty fucking grizzly myself so nope, I'm not about to go in there and do the whole shush/pat routine because a) we haven't needed that these past couple of days and shushing and patting could quite possibly be, in his fuzzy little head, a reward for waking mummy up in the wee fucking hours, and b) because right now, I'm not feeling particularly gracious and I think I'd prefer to eat worms.

I don't know what to do. I don't agree with sending little babies far away to sleep on their own. It might work well for other people - and more power to them - but it just doesn't sit right with me. It's not like I've made him dependant on me to get any sleep at all, which is another reason why it's a big old negative on the option to shush and pat, as he has his naps (which have been passable these last few days. Not stellar, but not a scene from The Exorcist either) in his bed, which is conveniently located on the floor next to my own, and at night time, after he goes off to sleep on his own, I can pick him up and tuck him into bed with me onoce he wakes, with the minimum of fuss and a big giant raspberry to anyone who says that babies should be sleeping in their own bed, in a room down the end of the hall, and as far away from mummy as possible.

Dude needs to go read himself some Dr Sears because this separation shit we've got going on is NOT sitting right with his ma.

The doctor had a look at him last week, and determined that there was no medical reason for the nap crisis we were loving these past couple of weeks. This is one healthy, happy kid, so I'm gonna translate that no medical reason for him putting a big, giant cross through the nap option on his daily timetable, to his night time habits and say that this waking up crap isn't worrying. It's annoying.

So yeah, I'm just gonna sit here and listen to him bitch some more.


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