Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12! (!!)

(for those of you playing along at home, the title is a hint)


Daniel had his first dunk in a pool on Saturday, and I'm pleased to announce that "swimming lesson" didn't turn out to be a euphemism for "screaming lesson".

The boy was a champ, and sweet lord, he looked so adorable in his sporty little swimsuit. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the event, or of his adorable little tush in his colourful expandypants as the one downside of sole parenting is that there's rarely a spare person on hand when you need one.

It was a small class and we did things like sing songs, blow bubbles, and kick and pull through the water. The rest of the class were a tad older so they really went off while my little munchkin merely bobbed around like an unimpressed cork. He did crack a smile or two, though in retrospect, they were probably more because of the hugs I gave him than his delight in counting the ducks and penguins hanging overhead, and he did show a little emotion when he experienced that whole underwater, no oxygen thing. The main thing is that he didn't appear to hate it (unless his silence was actually a mute protest, particularly to the that weird exercise with the picture of a turtle glued into the bottom of that ice cream container because yeah, I didn't understand that one either, kid) which is a good thing as we're going back next week for some more. Now that we're enrolled and not just testing out the water, so to speak, with a free class, we're going into a different class, one with younger babies and a shallower, warmer pool. There'll still be that whole underwater jive though, poppet. Sorry about that.

As an aside, this is the same pool I learned to swim in. I was older than Daniel is now, and therefor more able to be scarred by the experience. Kids these days have mummy and daddy in the pool playing fun games and other innocuous shit, while I had mummy and daddy cheering from the sidelines while some mean prick threatened to bite my toes off unless I jumped in the pool. "C'mon! I'll catch you!". Yeah, right. Fucker. I jumped, he stepped aside, and I went under like a lead ballon. Then I worked some more on my fledgling trust issues. Christ.


In other news, did anyone else notice the date?

Happy half birthday, Mr Deebs. You're the cheese on my Ritz cracker, the icing on my cake, the bubbles in my bathtub, I think you're really great. Woo!

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