Saturday, May 27, 2006

and the bubble bursts

The results of the DNA test were due in next week. That's what was said when we gobbed on a Q-Tip last Thursday, that there'll be a two week wait until the report was ready. Except *da dum* here it is eight days later, and here I am with an official looking reporty thing in my hand.

I wish they took their time on this one because an extra week of living the dream that no one else was involved in Daniel's conception would have been nice. Hell, I wanted an extra lifetime of fine tuning the details of that particular delusion because seriously, doesn't everyone want a son who's the New Messiah? Think of the possibilities! Think of the free fish!

So anyway, yes. Daniel has a father. Or a sire actually, given that word 'father' suggests some kind of emotional investment and a degree of giving a shit.


I don't want to share.

(yeah, yeah, yeah)

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