Monday, December 05, 2005

updatey stuff

I saw my OB today, and yes, the weebs is still breech and yes, it's still wearing its umbilical cord as a fashion accessory BUT the cord is looser than it was last week AND the baby's butt is easily moved out of my pelvis, which is a good indicator that an external version will be successful. (and in my exictement at this turn (turn? bwah! get it?) of events, I seem to have forgotten how to punctuate, excusez moi)

So, we're going to do one tomorrow, the external version, a gentle one, with an operating suite with my name on it right next door, which will have a surgical team standing in it, all of them scrubbed clean and ready to roll, just in case we need to get the baby out, stat. It's standard procedure when doing a version, and anyway, Chris is confident nothing will go wrong, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it - but if I do fall into the 0.5% who need the operating theatre, that baby can be whipped out of me in five minutes.

If the baby won't move after one (gentle) try, we're going back to plan A, but if it does move, y'all have to join me in hoping like fuck that bugalugs LOVES its new position enough to stay put until I go into labour.

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