Friday, November 25, 2005

dig me

35 weeks-ish pregnant last Saturday, and ready to par-tay! Or go to a wedding. Whatever.

*warning* the following link contains images that may be offensive to some viewers, so click here at your own risk.

It was a really great night, the end.

(and it didn't matter a whit that, along with the the groom's twelve year old nephew, I was the only remotely sober person on the premises)

The wedding held the next morning was also great, even after having had only three hours sleep the night before and then driving for miles to find the venue, a tour which wasn't helped AT ALL by the road closures and subsequent detours that were not listed on the damn map, and even when, once again, I was the only sober person within miles of the wedding cake (which by the way, was awesome).

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