Monday, October 31, 2005

there could be another witty title here, but there isn't, so sue me

Actually, don't. There's been way too much of that going around this year.

News in: the weebee, who has spent the entire time gestating on its head and in the you-want-what-to-come-out-of-where? posterior position, has taken it upon itself to revert to the more-appropriate-for-delivery anterior position, which would be a celebratory pants-on-head moment, if it hadn't put its cotton pickin' self into the breech position to do so.

At thirty two (!) weeks, around 15% of babies present this way and by delivery, only 3 or 4% are still there, yaddah yaddah facts statistics and resources etc, but pah! I've got something to obsess about now, so obsess I shall. I shall also prod and poke and annoy the kid until it moves its head down to the business end of things. Yeah!

I could tell you exactly when this flippenzee uppenzee occured....I doubt anyone's interested though....hmm....aaaaanyway, since this change in orientation, I've been as uncomfortable as all fuck, I need to pee all the goddamn time, my belly is all big and round, and I'm grumpy (no shit?). Also, I have diastasis recti for fuck's sake. God.

Also, I write about inane bullshit because if I was to touch on The Deeper Issues At Hand™, I don't think I'd be holding my shit together as well as I am. Maybe tomorrow. Or not. Stay tuned (or not).

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