Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I admit it

I'm the internet's worst updater.

Look! Over there! Is that a baby photo?!

baby me

(that my sweets, is called a diversionary tactic. Its sole purpose is to make you think of puppies and kittens and forget all about the millions and billions of eons between entries)

That's me, by the way. Four days old. Looking at that picture makes me want to squeak because truth is, I was a squeak-worthy baby.


10 10

is the weebee. Please say it resembles me, or I may cry in despair at the thought of the poor little bugger looking like its father (with great emphasis on the 'little', and totally ignoring the possiblity of 'and with a big, giant head'....)

A bit of geographical narrative (because while I'm crappy with the updating, I'm crappier with the photoshopping, and bugger me if I can add little labels to images without schplutzing the uploading) to help you along. See that fuzzy thing in front of weebee's right eye? That's its toes, seemingly unattached to its feet, and as cute as all fuck. Now do you see the blurry bit to other side of its face? That's my placenta, which is such a sexy word. Hearing it spoken out loud gives me an almost overwhelming urge to don a negligee and listen to Barry White CDs. Fortunately, neither are available in my obstetrician's office, or if they are, he keeps them behind the counter for his 'special' patients, of which I'm obviously not one. Bastard.

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