Friday, August 05, 2005

another tale of gel and soundwaves

Being part of a study, any previous scans posted here have been mainly letzhavvalooksic rather than diagnostic. Yesterday's morphology scan though, was strictly for diagnostic purposes. The sonographer noted my anterior placenta (sounds sexy, yes?), and told me that its placement explains why I've been able to feel fuck all movement. Seems we'll need to wait til the kid has thighs like David Beckham before I can feel any kick through that big, spongy, mattressy thing conveniently located between it and me. Then she took measurements of my baby's inside bits and pieces, and they'll be analysed by a radiologist, who will then report on any possible abnormalities or anomalies. I'll get the results when I see Dr Chris later this month.

Before I left, Chris came to see me after giving the preliminary images a once over, to reassure me that everything looked good so far, and did I have any questions? I did, and no, unlike its father's, my child's head isn't unusually Big or Giant.

august 4 morph a

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