Tuesday, August 02, 2005

another day, another scan

For an hour yesterday, Nina tried to get a look at my baby's face, and for an hour it was hidden, as my baby, who for the purpose of this entry shall be named 'Reginald Stubbornbuttskipants' (and no, I didn't see any identifying body parts, but the alias amuses me) kept burrowing head first into my bladder.

We did get a really good look at some shoulders though.

august 1 anon b

august 1 anon a

This next one, if you get high squish your eyes up really tight, you can see....fuck if I know. A nose, maybe?

august 1 anon c

I think Reginald got a little bored, what with me rolling around to tip it over, and Nina hammering my belly with the transducer to encourage said tippiness, because then we got the finger. See?

august 1 anon d

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