Monday, May 02, 2005

lesson time

Lesson 1. HCG is created each time a cell divides, making the blood level of this hormone double every seventy two hours.

Lesson 2. Morning sickness is caused by rising levels of HCG.

So anyway, I had a blood test last week and my HCG was 2376.

I had another one today, (nine days early, I heart Pauline) and then I grabbed my calculator.

In between the two tests, there's been 2.3 seventy two hour periods, which gives a predicted HCG for today of 10217, or thereabouts.

At 19262, my results came back almost double that.

That's a lot of cell division going on kids, a LOT of cell division.

conclusion: I totally rule at this gestating gig.

(for today at least. Oy. *rolls eyes*)

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