Friday, April 29, 2005

something nice

Wednesday, I couldn't wait to see Rose.

She asked me how I was and I told her she'd never guess. She did though, because she knew two weeks ago that I was pregnant, and was waiting for me to work it out too. She asked me when my first scan is (it's on the nineteenth of May) and while she's not certain, she said to not be surprised if I saw twins.


(writing this makes me think I need to really ice the father out. I won't, but damn, I do okay until I talk to him, then when I do, I crumble into a sea of despair)

Work is already being really accomodating. I told Jo on Wednesday, and she's rearranged my regular Tuesday shift so that now, instead of four classes, I have only two. She's also scheduled an extra hour of one on one time with clients to make sure my pay doesn't suffer too much.

I heart Jo.

Anyone I've told is so happy for me. Why can't I be happy for me?

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