Thursday, May 12, 2005

the fun stuff

Bets are still being taken on what my HCG levels will be because Jane didn't order the test yesterday.

Didn't order the test?! The hell?!! I'm insane running a book pregnant, ferpetesake, give me the damn test! :madface: So she's running it today instead. Meanwhile, I'll try not grind my teeth down to stubs waiting for the results to be called in.

This finding an obstetrician gig isn't amusing me, not at all. I have insurance, but being treated as a private patient in a private hospital incurs gap fees of around two thousand dollars. Gap fees are the out of pocket expenses remaining once medicare and the private health fund have rebated all they can, and they are higher for obstetrics than any other speciality because we live in a litigious society, and obstetricians are being sued all over the place, and consequently those in private practice have exorbident insurance costs which filter down to us, the consumer.

Being treated in a public hospital as a public patient means there are no out of pocket expenses (and people complain about our socialised medical system? Good grief) but there is no continuity of care. I'd be seen by whoever is available on the day, and my baby delivered by whoever is on call at the time. I'm not keen on that idea because I'm doing this alone, so my doctor will be the only one going through this with me. Knowing s/he's be looking after me, and not whatever case rolled in the door that day, makes me feel safer too.

As I'm as poor as a church mouse, I'm trying to find a doctor who consults at, and has admitting rights to, a public hospital. As a hospital consultant, the doctor will be covered by the hospital insurance policies so no gap fees will be incurred, and being admitted privately to the public system means my insurance will put money back into the public system, and it also means all tests, scans, pediatricians, specialists and whatever else is needed for the next several months, will also be either covered by my health fund, or subsidised by the government. Yay.

The tricky bit is finding someone who is actually available over the Christmas holidays.

There are only two doctors to choose from at my elected hospital, and one has taken time off in December. There may be one more who specialises only in high risk pregnancies, and the receptionist calling me today to tell me if he thinks I, as a geriatric with a history of anorexia, qualify as high risk. So cross your fingers, because that dude has got to be good. The other doctor is also perfectly competent and good and all, but I feel funny about having a doctor whose name I have no hope of ever pronouncing. (says she, alphabet name aibee *rolls eyes* ) and anyway, how cool would it be to have a doctor whose talents totally exceed my needs?

Speaking of poor, I've got to continue with the crinone for at least another four weeks, which means a) ick, and b) at ninety smackers a week, ooh, that smarts.

Wow. That was all long, boring and kind of pointless.

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