Wednesday, May 25, 2005

class interaction time

Some of you had questions, so:

This is a baby capsule.

It's a carrier to keep the baby safe while driving. The capsule itself is removable, and works with a holder type thingy that's fitted in your car. The capsule is removable, so you can walk around with the baby as if it were the eggs, milk and bread you'd just put in your shopping basket. They're required by law here, and available for hire from the Red Cross for around fifty bucks, and that includes installation.

And this

is a BabyBjorn. They're good for teeny babies because they find it soothing to be so close to mum (or dad), so it'll be really handy both at home and when out. They're good for older kids too, when you turn them around so they can see the sights, and still close to mum or dad. See?

(let's see how many of you recognise these two)

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