Tuesday, March 29, 2005

from the corner of my mind

Chris would have forgotten me by now if it hadn't been for a major screw up by the courts.

Way, way back in May, 2000 a speed camera pinged him driving through a 60kmh zone at 98kmh in a car that was still registered in my name. I hadn't seen him for several months at that point, so when I received the 380 buck expiation notice, I promptly sent it back with a statutory declaration stating that the car was, to the best of my knowledge, his.

And that, I thought, was that.

Because the world is an idiot, the moron who processed my stat dec reissued the notice to Chris Myname. That it's in my name isn't my legal problem, but my personal problem is that he hasn't paid it because he's been a leetle distracted with all the being arrested for fuck knows what, the spending time in gaol, and the cleaning himself up from his methamphetamine addiction. My other problem is that while the courts know they screwed up, they won't reissue the notice to Chris Hisname, because they suspect he was using my name as an alias at the time.

Chris first called me about this stupid fine three years ago. His brain was still cooked at that point, and because of the whole Myname thing, he'd developed an interesting-and rather involved-paranoid delusion that I'd somehow manipulated the justice system to bring him down. Or something. Who knows? He was so irrational when we last spoke that I hung up on him so I could hyperventilate without interruption.

Between March 2000 and now, I've had, several 'incidents' at casa mia, and as I've told the police each time, I don't think it was Chris, but the miniscule chance that it was, scared me. Still does really, which is why I want this all sorted out. The fine is now up around the 6K mark, and Chris, for all intents and purposes, seems quite sane. I don't want to report this latest contact as he does sound like he's trying to get his shit together.

In any case, I called him today with all the details he needs to sort this shit out. The irony is that, because the fine isn't in his name, it isn't his problem either. I don't think it was the right thing to do, contacting him, but while I believe he's making the effort to put his life back together, I'd also like to make sure he has no reason to get all fucking paranoid on me again should this fine not go away.

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