Monday, March 28, 2005

to date..

...all my concerns about IVF have been centred on the meds and the mood altering effects they're famous for.

Being fairly pragmatic, I'm not obsessing about the egg retrieval, and have little concern about the ensuing embryo transfer, or with what comes after that. It's not that I haven't thought about it, but those aspects of IVF aren't worrying me. In time, maybe they will, but for now I see them only in the distance, and as drops in the ocean of the rest of my life. While I'm confident I can handle the physical demands of IVF and its inherent stressors, I'm not confident I can handle being moody, irrational and hormonal. No, it's definitely the meds' whackymaking potential that's been frying my socks.

Today though, I read Egg Donor's account of her several retrievals, and I'm not scared anymore.


Consider yourself linked Egg Donor, for I will be rereading all entries on a regular basis in the interests of maintaining my new found zenlike state.

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