Sunday, March 27, 2005

I believe.

When we turn off a light, it doesn't cease to exist. Its energy is transformed. It's still there, we just can't see it any more.

I believe in the energy of the universe. I believe it's all merry go rounds and swings, that there is no more and no less, just different.

I believe that when I die, my soul will return to the continuum, as if pouring a cup of water into the ocean, and like pouring that cup, my energy will transform to become one with the whole. That exact same cup can never be retrieved, but it existed once, and once it was me.

When someone dies, I don't believe they no longer exist. I believe their souls are transformed to light up the universe in some other way.

I believe then, that we never lose anyone. That when people die, their souls aren't extinguished. I believe they go back to their ocean where, once again, they become one with the universe and a part of the whole.

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