Saturday, March 19, 2005


Ky, aka bulging disk boy, was at work on Thursday, and his back is better. Like, all better.

I was all cool an' shit on the outside, but inside, I was a fucking exclamation mark (see above)

He thanked me while I shuffled my feet and practically said 'shucks', cuz really, all I did was pretty much what you do when you've got a needle stuck in a record. You nudge it along so it can keep on playing.

For I am aibee, queen of the analogy!

In any case, when someone allows me that close to their pain, and by pain, I mean in the totally metaphoric sense, it's an absolute privilege. They do the work, I'm merely a conduit.

And if this oobie doobie wiggling fingers shit is anything to go by, I'm either insane or I really am Master of the Universe.

I wonder which it is?


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