Sunday, February 27, 2005

Stef came over at 4.30 this morning. He'd been to a buck's show at a strip club and had spent the entire evening talking to Margo, the Sex Worker and Snake Owner. (she owns the snake one of the strippers used in her act).

Anyway, Margo is a *wiggling fingers* do do doo do person. Seems she's a witch and all that jazz, and having met Stef, felt this connection with me via him. She met him and began asking about his 'friend'.


The person Stef doesn't talk to anyone about, and she picked up on my connection with him just like that *snapping fingers*.

I know. How weird is that? (I love this kinda shit)

So anyway, she picked up that I'm a...he forgot, and she feels I need to know...he forgot, and he needs to tell me....he forgot.

Do I shoot him now or do I wait until after I torture him?

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