Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm just going to publish this without even starting it because Daniel is trying to stick a bunny rabbit up my t-shirt and this is the exact reason why this place s so rarely updated. Multi-tasking. Or, as I like to call it. Trying To Do Everything And Not Actually Doing Anything.

We still need to shower (YES IT'S 11.11AM WHAT'S YER POINT?!) so I can get him to childcare, after which I'll be languishing on the sofa until 6.30pm.

Oh, I'm sorry, was I DREAMING? I meant to say so I can wash, cook, clean, bla, bla and bla, and hopefully try and do something worth mentioning here. And I'd like to get to Target because, people? Clearance sale. My GOD. I nipped in yesterday for not even five minutes (because they started closing at 5.30pm, what the fuck?) and walked out with six items all for 92 bucks. Oh, I'll return them all because of size, stain and/or hole issues, but if I replace them all with less shop soiled and more well chosen items, I'll hopefully end up not looking as much like badly dressed shit for maybe three days of the week.

I got this awesome dressy tunicy thing like I'd never ever think to wear. It wasn't even fifteen bucks (reduced from the big four oh!) and it's all voiley and soft with frills (Frills? I KNOW!) and it even doesn't make me look like a transvestite, which frills usually do. I thought I could go all mutton dressed as lamb and team it (because now I'm a fashionista I can use awesome fashionista words like "team" instead of "wear") with opaque tights and boots and look stupid anyway, but at least I'll be doing it in swirly emerald green and black gorgeous girly shit. I also got two tunic jumpers because YUM. One has to go back because of some ugly assed stain on the hem that I didn't see when I whipped it off the rack and put it into my basket (I LOVE the basket concept of clothes shopping. It reeks of excess and opulence to me. As in, I'm so RICH I need a frikkin' BASKET to carry it all!) and I hope so much that they have the same at the other Target because this Target only had this one. In large. Which I am not, but it was so pretty, albeit stained to within a fuck of its life. The other tunic is going back because....purple? Hmmm. Then I got another tunic jumper (are we detecting a theme here?) that simply MUST be returned because *gag*, another tunic top that needs to be exchanged for a larger size and then probably returned anyway, and...that's how many things? Five? I'm sure there's another one but maybe I'm delusional.


That's the plan for today, so much to do and here I am, still sitting here, unshowered and with a bunny up my t-shirt.

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