Monday, April 02, 2007

April 1

David Hick’s will likely return to Australia on a chartered jet as according to Alexander Downer, there are many countries who wouldn’t want a man with his reputation transiting through, even with the little fuckwit being under some serious armed guard. So the taxpayer will fund the charter so that we can bring this person that no other country wants anything to do with for even five minutes, back to Australia to imprison him for nine months and then release him back into society on New Year’s Eve. My guess is that he’ll probably get out sooner. Yup, al-Qaeda’s golden boy is coming home, although surely if you leave home to learn how to kill those left behind, you lose the right to call it home ever again.

He’s a terrorist who left Australia to fight for the Kosovo Liberation Army, trained with the Taliban and was found guarding a tank for Taliban. He deserves to rot in solitary in Guantanamo Bay forever, and I wouldn’t mind sending the bleeding heart dipshits who transformed him into a misunderstood family man being unfairly detained there too.

The man (and I use that term lightly) was prepared to kill hundreds, thousands, or if he had his delusional dreams come true, millions of innocent people. He is a terrorist, and he’s being brought back because there are way to many Australians with shit for brains and there’s a federal election later this year.

Speaking of shit for brains, here’s an open letter to the anus that cut in front of me yesterday: You cut in front of me, dipshit, even though you didn’t have to and even though there was a fucking mile of clear road in front of me, so you can take the abuse you hurled at me when you realised the gap between me and your stupid car was less than optimal and shove it up your arse. Except I doubt it would fit, what with your enormously stupid head already being there.

edited to add: this is who we're allowing back in. He might be monitored in future, but according to the knobs on all the news reports, he just wants to get on with his life so should be allowed to do so.


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